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How to Catch Bass: Bass Fishing Tips

Most people think that bass fishing requires a lot of perfection and hard skill but actually, it’s just a little tricky and there is no such difficulty if you play smartly. Anyone can start by just mastering the basics of fishing. To make it easier, here we have some tips about how to catch bass from famous anglers who have proven their expertise.

Before moving to the bass fishing tips let me clarify that you have to choose the perfect lake or the reservoir for bass fishing because they are present in some specific places. You have to find a suitable place near you by expert opinion or with the help of the internet. Let’s move how to catch bass.

How to Catch Bass? 10 Bass Fishing Techniques

Here we have discussed 10 essential tips to catch largemouth bass, it will surely help you find more.

Stand-up to the Wind

You can fish with the wind in your face if you sacrifice some distance on your casts. Bass should find the lure before finding your boat. Because bass always swims with the current, so it’s essential for you to face the wind to make the process easier. It’s the most essential thing to consider if you are just starting.

Bait Must be Seasonal

In different months of the year, bass like to eat different food. Bass likes seasonal foods so you must be aware of things about every season. Roughly from January to May, they like to eat crawfish and in summer or fall, they like shad. Consider the fact that half of your fishing effort depends on your bait. Before learning how to catch bass you must be aware of how to find the perfect bait.

Keep Tapping the Hook

Bass love moving things to eat and that is the reason that you must keep tapping the lure in water to pretend it is alive. It’s no secret that bass love to put the effort into catching the food and this will help you catch bass. Experts say that maybe you have to keep tapping the lure one hundred times at the same place before the bass finally gets a bite. This bass fishing tip requires a lot of patience but it will help you catch more bass.

Never Fish in Storm

The storm is never considered a good time to catch bass. Bass become more active during the storm and there are fewer chances that it will bite the bait during the storm. So, try to catch them before the storm begins. It is one of the pro bass fishing tips and you have to know it if you want to learn how to catch bass.

Consider Spawning Beds

This is one of the bass fishing tips from the pros because not many people know about it. You must keep focusing on the shallow areas in the spring season because bass hangs out in spawning beds during spring. Especially cover the pockets to catch more bass. This thing will also help you catch largemouth bass.

Hook Must be Sharp

Bass has boney jaws and you may miss the chance if your hooks are not sharp enough. You must sharpen your hooks before going to catch fish. It looks like a very basic tip but believes me it will help you save your effort. Or you can say that it’s one of the secrets of bass fishing. Must consider it before your next trip.

Notice Your Livewell

You will have to consider this step when you have caught at least one bass. You will have to notice the bait, it’s the shape or color inside of your Livewell and after that, you will have to use the same kind of bait all day. It will help you find out what your fish is loving to eat this season. And you will never get frustrated thinking about how to catch bass. This tip can also help you in finding all other species as well.

Red Bait Works

You may already know that bass loves to eat injured worms. If you use a red color bait with a red hook, the bass fish will consider that it’s an injured thing and it will surely try to bite it. The red color is actually used to fool the bass. If you want to make it even more effective, try to use a spinnerbait. But keep in mind that, it’s not necessary, you may also catch bass with different colors of lures as well. But red is considered as the most effective one.

Use Shredded Bait

Bass actually love wounded prey so you have to keep already shredded worms/lures to make the catch process easy. The beat-up worm is always a treat for bass and it will put all its effort to catch it. It will surely reduce your effort to half. And this technique of catching fish works so well that you will no longer ask ‘’how to catch bass?’’.

Cast Halfway

Stop halfway rather than going all the way through when you cast. This trick demands a little skill but don’t worry, it will be learned after a few practices. This technique helps the lure tap the water surface a few meters before your target, making it skitter over the surface. Try this bass fishing technique to catch more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we talk about live bait then the most perfect are shiners, crawfish, minnows, or shad because mostly bass love to eat them and in artificial baits, you can use red or dark color baits.

Spinnerbaits and buzz baits work well but you have to make sure that they have a very sharp blade.

A red color bait with a red hook will make the bass fish think it is an injured one and it will surely try to bite it.

Popcorn is never considered a good bait for bass fishing but they may work in exceptional cases as it depends on how long the fish was hungry and looking for food.


Many people love to catch bass but they never succeed even in repeating attempts and ultimately they start thinking that catching bass is nearly impossible. So, here we have lightened your burden to catch more bass. All the above-mentioned bass fishing techniques are already tested by famous fishermen. Once you’ve tested all mentioned techniques, you won’t need to ask how to catch bass anymore.

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